First, keep those photos coming! It always makes my day and puts a smile on my face when I get photos sent in from customers. It is so humbling to know that this little creation of mine has struck a chord with folks across the country.

There is new gear on the way, including new Definition T’s (guys and gals), new hats (including a gals fashion hat and fitted hats), the coolers will be in soon, and a new ladies tank top along with one other model (still be decided based on the feedback I’m getting).

Then it’s time to re-order Snoloha Li’ Ones gear…that inventory is very low. So if you’ve tried ordering something but it’s out of stock (or you are interested in something not on the site but you would like to see it on the site)…let me know.

I’ll be able to talk soon about some exciting collaborations I’ve been working on that should really be a nice opportunity for the brand and it’s exposure.

Finally, this TV opportunity that I’ve been talking about is still in the works. I’ve been reviewing the paperwork and the contract (which is full of attorney jargon). We’ll see what happens next. If anything happens, it will be crazy. If nothing happens, it’s extremely flattering to be contacted by a TV producer after learning about Snoloha.

One of my favorite comments from a Snoloha customer:

“Lounge pants- Check!
Sweet-ass Snoloha mug (now with freshly brewed coffee)- Check!

I’m waiting for my Snoloha gear to give me the super powers required to complete this financial project of blah-diddy-blah-blah.”

I guess that’s it for now…“that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”



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