It was a long winter. Lots of snow. Lots of cold. But a lot of fun was also had.

But now, it’s time to really think fun in the sun. No better way to get in that mindset than to throw on a little Trop Rock music. JimmyPirate over at The TropiCast Radio Network just released the latest episode. The playlist looks something like this:

Mo’s Backyard – Don Burke
Mango Martini – Giddyup Dave
Key Lime Cove – Gregory B
King of Somewhere That I’m Not – Laidback Larry
Suntan Man – Michael Drake
Guitars and Tiki Bars – The Party Boat Band
Daydream Smile – Young Rebel Goombas

You know the drill…kick your feet up on that desk, sit back, close your eyes and escape for a bit.


(Click on Showcase #43 in the player below, or visit this link)



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