You hear it no matter where you look. It’s presence is undeniable. The economic crisis that we are currently in is affecting everyone in one way or another. Even if you’re fortunate enough to still have a job or customers, chances are you know someone not as lucky. I had a reminder of that today after talking with a good friend that I hadn’t heard from in sometime. To him, this economic tsunami is all too real and not just something Anderson Cooper is talking about every night.

Here’s a potential spin, and yes I realize anything is easier said than done, but damn it, aren’t you tired of hearing all the bad news? Is there no optimism left? Have the 24/7 news media completely brainwashed us (nothing personal, Anderson)? And no, this spin isn’t “escapism” driven (not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact the Snoloha brand is pretty much based upon escapism). This spin is just a genuine feeling.

I’m not one to opine via this blog, but this Snoloha brand that we’re building not only is an escape from the daily grind of every day life, but a connection to things that simply make us feel good…so I thought it was appropriate to do so.

Whether you have your job or not, think back to all those days you wanted to leave it anyway. Maybe to start that business you’ve been slowly working on in the basement. Maybe you want to go back to school. Maybe it’s time to switch industries completely. Think back to those days. I do. Then I’m reminded of one of my favorite songs from The Boat Drunks.

This is how I had posted it back in March of 2007:

The Boat Drunks

This particular song I enjoy because it is a good reminder of a former life that I do not miss. It also helps in realizing that this roller-coaster ride of starting and owning a small business is much more fun, adventurous, challenging, inspiring, and creatively freer than being stuck in a situation where you feel trapped, creatively drained, and bored to the point where you’re “callin’ in gone”.

“Callin In Gone”

“Dead stuck in traffic, you know I’m headed for a job I hate
Ain’t nothing movin but the hands on my watch
Full throttle hurry up and wait
I’m sick of the retrace, I can’t take one more day
My life is too short to live it this way
I’m dialin the office put the bossman on
I’m not callin in sick I’m callin in gone

I’m callin in gone full fledged adios
I’m leavin this cubicle for a spot on the coast
Gonna find me a beach that’s where I belong
I’m not callin in sick I’m callin in gone

What the hell are you doin I keep asking myself
Only I know the answer there’s nobody else
Like a rat on the wheel that’s how I compare
I’m running all day and getting nowhere
So enough is enough I’m saying so long
I’m not callin in sick I’m callin in gone

No jacket and tie, no morning commute
I’m waving goodbye a one finger salute
Going down to the ocean, gonna lay in the sun
The only boss I’ll hear is singing Born to Run
I’ve got plenty of room, why don’t you come along
We won’t be callin in sick, we’re callin in gone”

What a great line, ” The only boss I’ll hear is singing Born to Run”.



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