Unless you don’t mind feeling extremely comfy and relaxed…and run the risk of “motivational loss”.

Every new product that I launch , I get excited about. However, for some reason I am so anxious to launch these lounge pants. When UPS drops off a sample box, it’s like Christmas morning. Scissors in hand, I run across the room to cut through the packing tape separating me from the new gear inside a beat up cardboard treasure chest. Most of the time I’m quite satisfied with what I find. Of course there have been a few pieces that have yielded disappointment…sort of like opening those new socks or that really sweet Christmas tie.

Anyway, when UPS dropped of the box this week, my anticipation was higher than normal. And I was very nervous as to what I would find. What if the quality was not what I had expected? What if they were not as comfy as I had hoped?

I was extremely happy with what I found. A super soft and comfortable lounge pant for guys and for gals (yes, the gals are a “ladies cut” and not simply the guys version).

So, now it’s time to order inventory and make available on the site the Snoloha Slacker Friendly Lounge Pants.

If you’d like to take advantage of pre-ordering, then here’s the deal…order now for $25.00. The regular price will be $35.00.

Just shoot me an email (rod (at) snoloha.com), or visit the contact page, and let me know what you’d like – color, size, quantity, guys or gals (or both). You won’t have to pay until they come in and it’s time to ship. See image below for color and sizes available.




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