markwell_family.jpgMy good buddy, Seattle Dave (seen here with his beautiful family sporting a Snoloha polo), came up with the idea for Feel Good Friday’s…and I like it. Posted below is his most recent post. Feel free to visit his profile to learn more, add him as a friend and send him a comment that his wife is to pretty for him (I think I owed you that one, Dave).

“OK, everybody the wheels are in motion. We’ve had our little warm-up last week. It’s time to jump in head first and full blast!! Feel Good Friday is about spreading joy and fun to any and all!! So be free with your kind words and let the good deeds flow like cheap wine!! Today is your day to make your world better. There’s a run on the bank, smiles are the currency, and you’re the teller!! Enjoy all of it!! Snoloha!!”

In keeping the spirit of Feel Good Friday, take a moment to really understand what happened yesterday on the Hudson River (for those of you living under a rock, a plane was forced to land on the Hudson River in NYC). Life can change in a split second. Those folks most likely have a new take on life and probably will possess a more optimistic attitude, smile a bit more and generally appreciate everything around them more.

Remember that the next time the stress builds.

When that car in front of you is driving too slow. When the line at the grocery is too long. When the restaurant gets your order wrong. When something just doesn’t go your way. You know, those really, really stupid things that seem to set off too many people.

Is it really worth it? Really?

Of course, there’s always a little Buffett that will sum it up best:

“Take it from me cuz I found
If you leave it then somebody else is bound
To find that treasure, that moment of pleasure
When yours, it could have been

Some people never find it
Some… only pretend, but me:
I just want to live happily ever after every now and then”
~Jimmy Buffett, “Happily Ever After”

Deep breath.



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