It’s hard to believe that Snoloha is in it’s 2nd year. Some days it feels like it’s older, others I step back and realize how young it still is. As I’ve written and said many times, launching this brand and starting this company is hard work. It’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions, failures and successes. And as I’ve written before, the most rewarding feeling is knowing the connection that this brand has with people.

Just recently, within the span of the last 10 days or so, I’ve had some great moments of realizing this connection and wanted to share a few of them: First, there was the Snoloha tattoo sent in from Kimber. Next, was a phone call from a customer that wanted to buy MORE gear, in addition to the gear she had purchased at an event earlier in the summer (gotta love repeat business). That call was followed up with one from north of the border in Canada (I have yet to implement international shipping). The next day a Snoloha package left for London, Ontario. A mid-western ski resort contacted me about becoming a Snoloha dealer. A potential new rep called before the weekend. A mini-van pulled up in front of the house as I was checking the mail asking if this was the Snoloha house…and then left with new Snoloha gear for her daughter-in-law. There was the Snoloha mention on Transworld Business and on, plus the great article in NM3 this month.

Starting and building a business and a brand takes a ton of hard work and a great amount of passion. And days like the ones I’ve mentioned are so satisfying…it’s really difficult to put into words that feeling. So thank you, for all the continued support!

By the way, the 50% off sale has been great. A good amount of gear has been cleared out. So stay tuned for cool new designs and models coming real soon.



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