Men’s Journal has a great Jack Johnson article, “It Ain’t Easy Being This Mellow”. “Don’t let the bare feet, the guitar, and the Hawaiian “endless summer” vibe fool you. When you’re on top of the world, as Jack Johnson is these days, staying down-to-earth is a full-time job.”

Jimmy Buffett has been juggling the Margaritaville, island life image for years now. But it’s the same story, behind the scenes is a tireless work ethic.

Though Snoloha is not even on the same playing field as Johnson & Buffett, the juggling act concept is very similar. The Snoloha brand and lifestyle represents a slacker-friendly, escapism, “carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life” mentality. However, if I were to actually live everyday that way…I’d never get any work done. It’s a delicate balance. It’s walking a tight rope. One one hand, your expected to soak up the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle (which is the best part), but on the other hand you’re responsible for running a company, and there is nothing laid-back about that. It’s a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon in August and I really should be on the water, or at a tiki bar, or on a beach living the lifestyle. But instead, I’m in my office working. Now granted I am listening to Jack Johnson, wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops (the official Snoloha dress code), sipping on an ice-cold pomegranate drink…so it’s not all bad. Actually, it is really nice out. I think an afternoon hammock nap is in order. See, that’s juggling.



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