My licensee in Spain has been hard at work getting the Snoloha brand off the ground. Unfortunately, everything was held up due to the initial package that I sent (3 months ago), that never showed up in Granada. Well, over the weekend, it showed up…to me! It made it to Spain and through customs. Then it was lost and returned to the States. Unbelievable!

Nevertheless, the brand is moving forward still and the initial launch is getting closer.

Ever wonder what the Snoloha definition looked like in German? Here it is:

“Snoloha [SNO – Loh – Hah], n. Ein Lebensgefühl, geteilt mit allen denjenigen, die leben, spielen, reisen, urlauben, entspannen, oder einfach das Leben genießen irgendwo zwischen den Inseln und der Arktis”

While I’m on the topic, check out this pic of Rafael from Spain!




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