Here we go again…a little behind the scenes “sneak peek” of what’s happenin’ in the world of Snoloha. Well, it’s more of a peek inside my head, scary I know.

I’ve been concentrating my thought thought process on this website, branding opportunities, product development, and the distribution of Snoloha product. All four require a lot of time, and it’s quite easy to follow in the foot steps of the status quo when it comes to growing a business.

Problem is, I really don’t care for the status quo. In order for Snoloha to grow and succeed, the status quo road is a very congested and difficult route to navigate.

I’m not suggesting taking an easier road. There is not one single thing that is easy about starting a business and growing a brand. What I am suggesting is taking an alternative road to the usual.

See, now you’re in my head…told you it was scary.

Building the Snoloha brand through a licensee in Spain, a collaboration with the TikiTender to create a Snoloha Drink, cross branding with Capt Dave and his sailing company, sponsoring the TropiCast radio show, and soon a new collaboration that I’m excited to talk about (but not yet)…that’s the alternate route.

Next, I need to build the retail distribution. I have a great base of supportive retailers. Finding new ones is a challenge. But again, they don’t have to be your typical retail store (surf shop, ski shop, outdoor, sporting goods, clothing, etc). Why not a coffee shop, a luggage or travel store, a funky beach bar & restaurant, hotels, airports…you get the idea.

Finally, this website is in need of some changes. I’m hoping to tackle an extensive overhaul later this year (especially the shopping cart…I’ve not been happy with it since day 1), but in the meantime, I will be reworking some of the layout to reflect where the brand is…stay tuned.

Well, there you have it. A little peak inside my head…hope I didn’t scare you too much.

If you have any ideas that you’d like to share, send ’em to me!

“Open up my head and let my out”
~Dave Matthews Band, “So Much To Say”



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