Yee-ha! That’s right, Snoloha is going Redneck!

On Saturday, we will be attending the 2nd annual Carhartt Redneck Days at Northern Lights Family Outfitters! When Shannon, the owner of Northern Lights (my fiance’s cousin), contacted me about bringing Snoloha to Redneck Days, she also wondered about my target market and wasn’t sure if I would be interested. I actually didn’t even hesitate, and decided to attend.

After all, it’s a valid business concern – target market. But you know, with Snoloha I’m not too concerned. Maybe I should be. I mean all the business and marketing books and classes taught me to be…but I’m not. I’ve learned quite a bit in the young life of this brand so far. And one thing is for sure, that there really is no definitive target market, which I love.

Rednecks, Yuppies, Socialites, Slackers, Thrill-Seekers, Tree Huggers, Elitists, Fudgies…White Collar, Blue Collar, NO Collar! There really is no social stereotype connected to the Snoloha brand. And I really hope that continues. This brand is for anyone and everyone who need a little escape from their everyday lives.

We’ll be enjoying live music and a pig-roasting contest between local restaurants, while peddling Snoloha gear to folks enjoying a northern Michigan Saturday…sounds like a little escapism to me. Perfect!

Okay. As Larry The Cable Guy would say, time to “Git-R-Done”!



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