Es oficial – Snoloha va a Espana!

Yes, it is official – Snoloha is going to Spain…and eventually other countries throughout Europe. I’m proud to announce after nearly 3 1/2 months of planning, researching, phone conversations, legal fees, and email exchanges that Robe-World distribution is the licensee of the Snoloha brand.

The launch will begin this summer in southern Spain along the coast of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. There will be a website developed in conjunction with this relationship as well.

If you would have ask me a year ago where I envisioned the Snoloha brand today, I wouldn’t have even considered Spain. Sure, I’ve had a long-term idea in mind of an international presence, but to have this opportunity with a brand that is only 16 months old is an amazing feeling. I feel truly blessed for this opportunity. The reality that this name, “Snoloha”, this brand, and this company that I created will now be shared on an international level…well, it simply has not sunk in yet.

I’ll probably be writing a bit more about this in the coming days as it slowly sinks in and I can comprehend it more clearly.

Thanks Monica for translating the Snoloha definition for me:

La definicion de Snoloha es Una forma de vida compartida por los que viven, juegan, viajan, se van de vacaciones, se distienden, o simplemente gozan de la vida en algun lugar entre las islas y el artico.



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