When I first launched Snoloha, my goal was to share a lifestyle that I enjoy. And since my background is retail, a clothing line was the “easiest” way to introduce the lifestyle and the brand. So as the customer base began to grow, I was simply ecstatic and appreciative of the support.

As I’ve received emails from Snoloha family members, what I’ve realized is that everyone has their own unique connection to the brand. It’s different from mine, and that of next person. I hear over and over again, that when people wear their Snoloha gear, they get asked “What is Snoloha?”. And the explanations all vary. This is so exciting and fulfilling to know that people connect to this brand…and to know that the connections all differ. The interpretation of the Snoloha brand is very diverse. But the common thread seems to be that it makes people “feel good”…what more can I ask for?




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