Jimmy Buffett Christmas Island
A Sailor’s Christmas
Jimmy Buffett & Roger Guth

“Sail on the horizons gotta landfall rendezvous
Captain steers a well-known course, he steers straight & true
As he trims the sheets, he sings a song
He learned on boats and bars
Sailor spends his Christmas in a harbour ‘neath the stars

He’s traveled through the doldrums, typhoons and hurricanes
He’s logged a million soggy miles with water on his brain
But Christmas is the season better suited for dry land
He’ll tell some lies, meet some spies
And dance barefoot in the sand

The sailor spends his Christmas in a harbour on the hook
Caye con les, no work today, let’s shell the ol’ log book
The waterfront is reveling, the season has begun
The sailor spends his Christmas in a harbour having fun.”



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