The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. After working at the print shop, and learning (and doing) the screenprinting, I have to say, that it is pretty cool to step back and look at the big picture – from start to finish. What am I talking about? I’ll explain…

  • First is the initial design concept, which usually takes place in my head during the most unusual times, or during a brainstorming session with Larry.
  • Next is actually taking that concept and putting some “substance” to it. Which Larry then takes and begins the artwork process.
  • After a handful of revisions, we then have a new design.
  • I then take the design and do several shirt layouts, including color combos and placements, until I find the one(s) that look best.
  • The shirt then makes it to the catalog and/or the website.
  • Now it’s on to the screen printer (which is has its own complex process that I’m now familiar with).
  • Once the shirt is printed, it’s folded, tagged, and put into inventory.
  • Then it must be sold:
    • Either to the retailer (which involves road trips, trade shows, and merchandising support materials)
      Or via the website (which involves photo uploads, product descriptions, inventory updates, shipping, marketing, etc)
  • Finally, the ultimate reward is seeing that design displayed in a store, or being shipped to Hood River.

So that’s what I mean by “Start to Finish”. I left out most of the gory details, but you get the general idea. There is a lot of work that goes into one single design. Overwhelming? At times, you bet it is. Rewarding? Without a doubt. It’s what keeps me going. Taking that initial “thought”, or idea, and turning it into something tangible that people identify with and connect with.

Snoloha is on many levels an inherent feeling. The lifestyle is so diverse. A Snoloha piece of clothing tells a story without saying a word.



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