Okay you Snoloha customers, fans, and friends…I’m asking for some feedback and general level of interest regarding one of the current programs currently being put together – Club Snoloha.

What is it?

Club Snoloha will consist of Snoloha fans and customers who enjoy living the Snoloha lifestyle, “Spreadinging the love”, and helping grow the brand from a grass roots perspective. So if you enjoy – time on the water, the beach, or the snow, good tunes, an ice-cold beverage, or getting lost in a foreign town, and simply have an appreciation for life somewhere between the islands and the arctic, then your eligible!

Now, it is still under development. The webpage is a rough draft, and we are not ready to launch it quite yet. So what I’d like to do is keep those interested in the loop as to the “official” launch, and of course send out all the necessary swag once it’s ready. G’ahead, and take a look to see what you think, and anyone who may be interested, please send an email to ClubSnoloha@snoloha.com. Oh yea, it even has its own email address!

Be sure to pass this along to anyone you think that may be interested.

Thanks for the support!



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