Very cool band that I was just turned onto after listening to the latest TropiCast episode.

They are called Bag of Toys, and are based out of northern California. I listened to a few of the samples they have on their site. I’m very far from being a music critic, nor do I consider myself any type of expert on music. I just know what I like. But I’d say these guys remind me of a cross between Sublime & Jack Johnson. I don’t know…give ’em a listen a let me know what you think.

The song on TropiCast is called “California”:

    “California’s got the sunshine, year round, cheap wine
    Fresh waves / Hot babes, Lather on the sunscreen
    Warm days, Cool nights, Everything is just right
    Soft Sand, last tan, sleepin’ on the rooftop”

Bag of Toys



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