Yes, I have fallen behind on regular blog posts the last few days.

A couple things:

There are a bunch of new designs coming soon, so stay tuned. And remember to take advantage of the current sale items, and help make some room for more inventory!

I received a great email the other day from a new customer that I wanted to share.

    “I LOVE the Snohola product line! Saw it while I was in Traverse City at a Conference in one of the shops at the Grand Traverse Resort.

    I ordered a long-sleeve for myself and a t-shirt for either my bro who’s living in California or my husband – they can fight over it.

    We vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago – and of course, love Michigan (we live in Mason – just south of Lansing). “Snohola” I’m sure has a different meaning to everyone, but I also believe that everyone can relate as one when they see it and instantly FEEL the meaning!!!”

What a great email. I love the feedback.

In addition to the Boyne Mountain shop, Snoloha will be available at the Boyne Highlands shop this winter!!!

If you feel like reading a Snoloha Press Release…here you go.

Okay, that’s all for now…gotta go sailing tonight. It should be nice and cold. Here’s a pic of “Illusion”.




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