Labor Day Weekend. The last hoorah of the summer. In an attempt to actually live, and take part in this Snoloha lifestyle, (and separate myself from my computer, my notebook, my planning, etc., and thanks to my good pal Jimmy) I will be enjoying the Holiday weekend as well. We will be aboard The Illusion for the next couple of nights resting in the harbors of Charlevoix and Boyne City for the Red Fox Regatta. Really though, it’s not all play. The way I look at it, I’ll be wearing and promoting Snoloha and I’ll bring along a camera to capture some Snapshots & Scenery. Hey, business is all about networking and relationships…right?

So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend – Networking with a group of like-minded individuals and building strategic business alliances and relationships…how do you like that for some corporate sounding BS? Okay, okay, so I’ll be on a boat sailing, talking about college football that kicks off, grilling burgers dockside, and enjoying an ice-cold adult beverage.

Here’s a little Buffett for you:

    “You need a holiday
    take a holiday
    find a far off wonderland
    where you might regain command
    of your life today

    Take a holiday
    you need a holiday
    grab a pack and hit the trail
    take a sail
    and wind up in some moonlight bay

    You’re caught up in the Internet
    you think it’s such a great asset
    but you’re wrong, wrong, wrong
    All that fiber optic gear
    still cannot take away the fear
    like an island song

    Disregard confession
    Stop trying to make impressions
    on your corporate climb
    it might come as quite a shock
    but you can’t really own that rock
    it’s just a waste of time”

And here’s a little Red Fox Regatta snapshot:

Red Fox Regatta



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