Things have been a little hectic for the past couple weeks. I thought I’d give everyone a little “behind-the-scenes” look at what’s happening.

    First, the Fall / Winter catalog and product line continues to come together. In addition to some exciting new products for Men and Women, there are some really cool new designs coming out.

    It looks like Snoloha will be going tagless. So for the Fall / Winter line, you’ll no longer have that annoying tag sewn into the back of your shirts. Instead we will be printing Snoloha info on the neck. It should look great, and feel even better.

    The homepage will be taking on a new look real soon. The “web dude”, is currently working on a fresh layout.

    Still need to select a winner for June’s Snapshots & Scenery winner, so stay tuned!

    Gearing up for an August tradeshow, and the next round of “road trips” to potential new retailers.

    Making a road trip tomorrow to visit a handful of current retailers.

So there you have it, a quick look at a few of the things going on “behind-the-scenes”.



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