Best selling author, David Bach, shares his thoughts about how it’s never too late to start living a rich life.

“The Live Rich Factor

Most people believe that if they just had more money, the things that make them unhappy would disappear and their lives would be better. The truth is that your life can be better without more money. It can be better today, but you need to make some decisions and take some actions.

You don’t need me to tell you what will make you happy — only you know that truth.

I believe each of us has the power to discover our purpose and become joyful in the process of journeying toward that purpose. It’s not easy, however. Nothing important and meaningful ever is.

What you need to do is create what I call the “Live Rich Factor” in your life. I call it this because those who find the purpose that leads them to joy are truly the luckiest people in the world, because they’re living richly.

There are five basic principles involved in creating your Live Rich Factor:”

Visit Yahoo! Finance for the full article and the five principles.



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