Just to let everyone know, “Chronicles & Commentaries” is under development. Read this previous post for a full description of what lies ahead for Snoloha.

The idea is to have our visitors share with us their “somewhere between the islands and the arctic” experiences. Yes, much like the photo gallery, but for those who prefer to paint a picture with words instead of photographs. Or you could do both! A logbook aboard a boat or a traveler’s journal, if you will. Sometimes there’s no better way to get inspired to take that trip, to turn off that computer, use that vacation time, or just throw on some Bob Marley, like reading about someone else’s adventures.

If you have a story, an experience, a journal entry, or a logbook entry that you’d like to have published on the website, email it to us. And if you want to remain anonymous, no worries mon, just let us know.



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