I have been thinking about this website quite a bit lately (as you could imagine), and one of the issues that my web designer and I feel very strongly about is the ease-of-use, or usability, of the site. I was reminded today of how we have become so spoiled with how easy certain aspects of daily life can be.

I was walking into the local Target following (not in the stalker sense mind you) a female shopper. As we approached the entrance, I made a conscious effort to watch which doors she would use. There was nobody else entering the store at the time and both the automatic doors and the manual doors were an option. The manual doors were the closer of the two options, and just as I had expected, she chose the automatic doors. But then, without even thinking about it, I realized I had followed her right through the automatic doors as well.

Why did we both choose the automatic doors? It is just normal at this point. We are so use to having doors swing open for us that I guess subconsciously why would we choose to exert any physical effort and pull on a set of doors?

Why do we flock to self-checkouts at the supermarket? Or the drive-thru dry cleaners? Or the touchless car washes? Because it is easier and faster (well, it’s supposed to be anyway).

My point is that the Snoloha website (which is set to launch by the end of this weekend) needs to be very easy to use. If it’s not, then our visitors will leave and move onto the next website that requires less effort.

I challenge you to make a conscious effort as you’re out and about this holiday season, to use the manual doors…It’s harder than you think, but it’s quite easy.



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