If you haven’t read it yet, “The E-Myth”, by Michael E. Gerber is a great read for any small business owner.

In it he discusses the challenge of managing the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician. According to Gerber, all three “personalities” exist within a business owner. The Entrepreneur is the one who innovates, creates, and keeps the business moving forward. The Manager is the one who keeps everything in order and under control. The Technician is the one who focuses on the dirty work, the tedious jobs, and likes to stay busy for the sake of staying busy.

What’s the point in mentioning this concept? The Snoloha website!

If you’ve never done it before, building an ecommerce website is a very demanding and intense project. It is labor intensive and very, very detail oriented. Great work to keep a Technician happy and busy, but frustrating to the Entrepreneur and Manager who want to move onto other aspects of the business.

Yes, I have been concentrating on the Technician in me for many, many hours in front of this computer screen.

Sure there are marketing messages and marketing collateral to design, merchant accounts to setup, new designs to approve, new orders to place, POP materials to decide on, and the list goes on. However, the storefront is oh-so-close to being done.

Then, the Entrepreneur and the Manger can get involved again and balance out the workload.



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