is indeed moving along, just a bit slower than anticipated. The majority of the site will be live next week. The storefront, or shopping cart, has been the real headache. Unfortunately we did not anticipate the difficulties in designing the store as we had intended. It turns out that the shopping cart we have been working with is great for the storeowner / administrator, and is an ideal solution for those looking for a nice and easy template to get up and running quickly. However, my designer and I have very specific capabilities and a design already in mind. Further, in order to implement our design, he has had to spend a great deal of time digging through and changing code, and as a result our timeframe has been extended. That’s okay though! The goal is to build a user-friendly storefront that makes the shopping and checking out process seamless, and that’s exactly what we will be delivering; we just need a bit more time.

So here’s the deal – Again, the site, except for the storefront, will be live next week. Now, my web designer, being the good sport that he is, has agreed to a little bet. We will determine a date that he is to have the storefront finished, and if he delivers, great! However, if he needs more time, he will be fulfilling the bet. What is the bet? You are going to help us decide. When the site goes live next week, we will have a page devoted to some background information about the web designer, along with a poll of several bets that he must fulfill. With your votes, the bet will be determined!

Thanks again for your patience and continued support. Feel free to visit the Snoloha Barefoot & Exposed Blog for updates to the site and other various topics.

We’ll see you on the website next week!



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