When Life Gets Hectic

And boy, does it ever get hectic. I might be a workaholic.  My wife would probably say so anyway.  And who am I to argue with her?!  She and the little one are at the in-laws…I should have been out sailing or paddle boarding or something.  Instead, it’s heading into the night hours and…I’m working.… Continue reading When Life Gets Hectic

Snoloha Radio Show Link

If you missed the debut on Friday night, you can now listen at your leisure to Episode 1 of the Snoloha Radio Show.  I don’t think the train derailed too far off the tracks for my first attempt.  We will be doing this on a regular basis, so I hope to get my sea legs… Continue reading Snoloha Radio Show Link

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The Snoloha Radio Show

Why a radio show?  Why not. Actually, I’m always on the lookout for ways to grow the brand beyond clothing and this just makes sense.  And JimmyPirate from The Shore and I have been working together to promote Snoloha and Trop Rock pretty much since I first launched the brand. Trop Rock music and Snoloha… Continue reading The Snoloha Radio Show

Escape & Win

As I’ve mentioned before, when I had that office job from hell I relied on a photo of the Virgin Islands sitting on my desk to help me get through the day. Times have changed, including no longer working at that job.  Now, when things get hectic and overwhelming, I still look at a photo… Continue reading Escape & Win

Let’s Get Naked & Wet

How’s that for a catchy blog post title? Occasionally, as you know, I’ll write about Trop Rock music (Jim Hoehn, The Boat Drunks, Pirate Dreams, Homemade Wine). Through this entire process of building Snoloha (and through life in general), music has always played a very important role…as it does in most people’s lives. Trop Rock… Continue reading Let’s Get Naked & Wet


The Trop Rock promo has been great, and we are getting ready to ship the first round of orders!  However, this doesn’t mean that the promo is finished.  The Trop Starz & Tiki Barz event is not until July, which means we have all of June to sell more Trop Rock Ts and raise more… Continue reading THANKS

You Save. We Donate.

Trop Rock is back, baby…and we are raising some money for a great cause. These will start shipping end of May. Order yours today with the promo code “wnyshore” and save $5.00. Then take that $5.00 savings and invest in some lotto tickets, or a yummy Subway sub, or buy yourself a gallon of gas.… Continue reading You Save. We Donate.