My Cyber-Space Therapy Couch

Do you have any habits / obsessions that you know sometimes it’s not the most healthy habit / obsession?  Me too.  No.  Not the serious drinking, gambling, smoking and addiction kind.  More of the innocent, “I spend way too much time on this” kind.  Maybe it’s Facebook, eating only organic, that weird Pinterest craze, reality… Continue reading My Cyber-Space Therapy Couch


A few years ago, a retailer paid for their Snoloha order in the form of a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard).   I had an interest in trying it out as another way to get on the water, to get a good workout, and as an alternative to snowboarding in the warmer months. At the time, there… Continue reading WaSUP


When life gets hectic…it’s time for a little escapism.  A little ‘Living on Snoloha Time’.  A little 3 day sailing trip. Before I ‘check out’ and shutoff the computer and all social networking and emailing (which is pure bliss), I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s happening behind the scenes. First, the Trop… Continue reading I’m LOST

One Cool Cat

Sailing season is on the horizon.  The “Snoloha” will be getting bottom paint soon, and moving to her home for the season on West Grand Traverse Bay. And with ‘the season’ around the corner, I thought I’d share some pretty sweet news from my good friends over at Bay Breeze. This year, you will be… Continue reading One Cool Cat

Painting the Snoloha Picture

I was contacted recently by a licensing agent who works with the largest licensing company in the world.  They manage over $7 billion dollars in revenue per year!  Yes, I said ‘billion’. Now don’t get too excited, because I’m pretty sure Snoloha is WAY too small at this point, but being contacted by someone in… Continue reading Painting the Snoloha Picture

Snoloha goes Salty

I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with Salty Life Photography.  Salty Life is owned by a very good Snoloha customer from the early days when I first launched the brand, Christi Corteggiano. Christi and Salty Life share a similar vibe and passion as Snoloha, which is why this collaboration makes sense. The challenges, of… Continue reading Snoloha goes Salty

The Evolution of Snoloha

I’ve been listening to Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Encores’ CD (yes, an actual CD).  On one of the discs Buffett is talking to the audience, thanking them for all the years he’s been able to have his ‘summer job’.  But the line that really stands out, for me, is when he thanks everyone ‘who gets what it… Continue reading The Evolution of Snoloha