OK. OK. OK. So what the heck is REALLY going on with Snoloha?  I’ve heard the […]
I’ve been quiet here on the Barefoot & Exposed blog.  Partly due to ‘blog writing block’ […]
It’s true.  I love the Polar Vortex.  It’s not because I’m some sadistic weirdo.  It’s because […]
I wonder if Jimmy Buffett ever feels like a walking contradiction?!  I hope the answer is […]
Growing up, I hunted a little.  The most recent hunting trip for me, was in my […]
Winter is officially here.  It’s ski season, snowboard season, snowshoe season, snowmobile season, cross country season…and […]
The ultimate escapism plan.  The reason this brand exists.  The beginning of the end for some (in […]
As I’ve mentioned before, when I had that office job from hell I relied on a […]
I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs.  And I’ve had my share of story-worthy departures.  […]
It was nice to setup the Snoloha booth for the day at the TC Waterman Expo.  […]
OK peeps…who’s in da mood to win a SWEET prize pack from Snoloha, MiSkiReport.com and Boyne […]
Story-telling truly is an art form…especially when you set them to music and are able to […]