The University of Snoloha

Tuition?  None. Accreditations?  Nope. Higher earning potential?  Perhaps. Increased ability to ESCAPE?  Yup. Required daydreaming? Affirmative. The University of Snoloha – College of Escapism and Daydreaming. If you have successfully proven that you have mastered the ability to ESCAPE from the realities of everyday life now and then, you are eligible to purchase a University… Continue reading The University of Snoloha

Baby it’s Cold Outside

There’s snow on the ground here in Traverse City, Michigan. That means a number of things: My back will soon begin to hurt from shoveling It’s time to Build a SnoMon for the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. project Christmas is on the horizon. Time to start shopping. Time to dust off the snowboard and snowshoes And… Continue reading Baby it’s Cold Outside

What’s a Happenin’

What Was Happening? SnoMon, doing what he does best. This is the coolest Snoloha original piece of artwork that has been created…I think. The detail is amazing when you see this thing full size. Yes…it’ll be available for purchase. Stay tuned to learn more. What’s Happening Now? The $10 Snoloha Sale. We are halfway through… Continue reading What’s a Happenin’

All Snoloha Gear $10.00

Yes, it’s true.  Ten Bucks. Welcome to Step One in the next phase of Snoloha — Inventory Reduction. Yes, I removed some inventory from the site.  But everything that is left is on sale for only $10.00 now through the end of October. What happens at the end of the month?  It all comes down.  So buy… Continue reading All Snoloha Gear $10.00

Step by Step

I’m working through some steps that I thought I’d share with you. Beginning this weekend, the website will be undergoing some serious housekeeping.  I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the deal: By the end of the day Friday, there will be a handful of products, including the Zip Hoodies for $28 that you get a… Continue reading Step by Step

FREE T with Zip Hoodie

I’ve still got a handful of these lightweight zip hoodies in-stock.  They were a closeout deal that we jumped on.  So instead of a $50 zip hoodie, I was able to pass on the savings to you (I know, I’m such a nice guy). Not only can you buy a Snoloha Zippie for $28.00…but I’ll… Continue reading FREE T with Zip Hoodie

A Snoloha Hunt

Growing up, I hunted a little.  The most recent hunting trip for me, was in my early 20’s.  I went with my dad and uncle…mostly just to please dad.  After they showed me ‘my spot’ and tramped through the snow to their respective blinds, I was left to my own devices.  I should have loaded… Continue reading A Snoloha Hunt

Goin’ Bananas!

Jimmy Buffett once said, “if you don’t write a song about your daughter, you will go to hell.” I’m not a song writer. I have this brand instead. My daughter’s name is Savannah. My “Banana” as I call her. She has this monkey that she loves. We named him Francois. He’s French. He (me) talks… Continue reading Goin’ Bananas!


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Jimmy Buffett…his music, his books, his Margaritaville empire that he’s built. Buffett once said, “if you don’t write a song about your daughter, you will go to hell.” I’m not a song writer. I have this brand instead. Father’s Day is approaching and I’ve been thinking… Continue reading Banana

Snoloha Castaways

Eventually, it’s going to be t-shirt weather.  Eventually. And when t-shirt weather finally arrives, someday, don’t be left out in the warmth without a Snoloha Castaway T for only $10.00. These shirts really need a new home.  They need someone to care for them.  Someone to wash and dry them.  Maybe even give them a… Continue reading Snoloha Castaways

Do Not Buy this T-Shirt

Seriously, Don’t Do it! Wow…Am I now using the same reverse psychology tactics in marketing that I use with my daughter?! Pathetic, I know. Seriously though, I wouldn’t order this t-shirt…if you have any other t-shirts that you’ll feel bad about never wearing again. These are by far the most comfortable Snoloha t-shirts that have… Continue reading Do Not Buy this T-Shirt