Since I announced the SnoMon & Friends project, I’ve had a few people inquire what the goal is (up until ‘the unveiling’ nobody knew anything about it).

The goal?  Simple.  To create a compelling, memorable and entertaining story.

Sound vague?  It’s suppose to.

I can tell you that SnoMon is the protagonist, of course.  And it’s been a long time coming.

The SnoMon t-shirt design was one of the very first Snoloha concepts.  It was simple.

But as time passed I realized what was happening…I had painted myself into a corner of being a ‘t-shirt brand’.  That was never suppose to happen.  But it did.

Early on I thought perhaps Snoloha needed a mascot.  And I thought SnoMon was perfect.  But nothing ever happened outside of those ‘thoughts’.

Time passed.

Snoloha remained a ‘t-shirt brand’.

I continued to get frustrated and bored with the ‘t-shirt business’.

Then SnoMon came back to me again.  This time as more of a ‘logo’ or ‘brand’ and we re-designed him.  Apparel and hats were ordered and I introduced the ‘BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE” concept.

Damn it!  I did it again!  It was still t-shirts and hats.

I had to figure out how to break out of this mold.

So I finally let Snoloha clothing fade off into the horizon.

I felt liberated.  I had had enough of the ‘t-shirt business’.  Everyone has a t-shirt brand these days.  There’s nothing unique or original anymore.

Drives me nuts.

And then, SnoMon was once again re-designed as a full color illustration and it started making sense.

And so, at least a good year ago, I decided what the next step was going to be.  But I had no idea how to take that very first step.

And then Larry.

And a collective creative spark.

And SnoMon in 3D with some very specific ideas of what the end goal is.

While at the same time, not focusing on those end goals.

Sound vague?  It’s suppose to.

The only thing right now that I’ll be clear about is that it’s all about SnoMon.

He has evolved into something much bigger and different than that first initial idea as “a snowman laying in a hammock between two palm trees.”

So now we are going to tell his story.  It’s going to be a process.  I’m going into this completely (and purposefully) naive.

Unlike Snoloha, I have ZERO pre-conceived notions.  I’m not aware of the rules, which means we’ll play by our own and make ’em up as we go.

If ignorance is bliss, then I’m as happy as ‘a room without a roof‘.


I just learned that SnoMon posted a blog about his creation…which is interesting, since it’s clear that is was an evolution.




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