Dr. Seuss and Savannah’s Christmas guitar

(pictured above:  my buddy Jimmy D and his Snoloha coozie during our sailing trip thru the BVI’s with a stop on Cane Garden Bay for Rob & Erica’s wedding).

That was one FAST year.

I’m not one for resolutions.  They’re made to be broken, I think.

But I do think it’s important to sit back and reflect every now and then.  For me, it’s a healthy exercise to see what the hell I’ve been so busy with.  What’s worked. What hasn’t worked.  And what’s next.  New Year’s is one obvious time for this reflection exercise.

2014 was…interesting.  There were lots of changes with Snoloha…too many to get into here.  We lost ‘the coolest dude I ever met‘, and I still miss him every single day.  Banana continues to grow like a weed and makes me laugh every single day. I’ve been more involved in the sailing world.  And I’m involved again in the ski & snowboard world (for those that don’t know, I spent nearly all of my 20’s in this industry).  Pretty good ‘worlds’ to be involved in.  I like it that way.

Not to mention, I’m still not sitting in a cubicle, feeling like a pawn in someone else’s game of life.  So that’s good.  I hope to keep it that way.

What’s next?

My head spins when I try and tackle this question.  The short answer is ‘a bunch of exciting things’, including a collaboration that I’m excited about with the one very talented individual.  More on this later.

I’ve also learned that I need creative inspiration…and a creative outlet, in order to feel a sense of ‘career satisfaction’.

Savannah got a guitar for Christmas.  She likes to come into my office, pick up my guitar and hold it like a standup bass, requests one of our favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and proceeds to play and sing along as best that a 4 year old can.  So Santa decided she needed a guitar of her own.

Santa also added Green Eggs and Ham to her Dr. Seuss collection.  Daddy was happy with this.  I can read these books every single night (Banana won’t let me though).

So right now Dr. Seuss and Savannah’s Christmas guitar are acting as creative inspiration.  Where it will come from next, I don’t know.  But I’m sure enjoying this phase.

And hey, my Obamacare kicks in in 2015!  I’ll have access to affordable ‘mental health’ now and maybe a therapist can help me figure out what makes me tick…’cause I sure can’t figure it out.  **Please note that this is neither a statement of support for Obamacare nor meant as a political message in any way whatsoever.  It’s simply a statement of fact that my Affordable Care Act coverage will be kicking in.  So don’t get all Fox News on me 🙂  And for the record, I like Fox News.  And CNN.  And MSNBC.  And ESPN. 

I’m hoping to build SAILINGthruLIFE.com as a sort of glimpse into ‘My World’ of Snoloha, Great Lakes Sailing Co., Boyne Country Sports and various other endeavors that I’m working on and that are rattling around in my head.  Feel free to check it out.

If you’ve read all of this…you’re either my mom or my sister, or someone who actually gives a darn about Snoloha and all my ramblings over the years.  So THANKS, for listening.  Not sure why I need to see a shrink when I have all of you who listen for free!

Henry David Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  Don’t be one of those men (or women).  Share that song with the world.  2015 could be the year.


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