(pictured above: ¬†my buddy Jimmy D and his Snoloha coozie during our sailing trip thru the BVI’s with a stop on Cane Garden Bay for Rob & Erica’s wedding).

That was one FAST year.

I’m not one for resolutions. ¬†They’re made to be broken, I think.

But I do think it’s important to sit back and reflect every now and then. ¬†For me, it’s a healthy exercise to see what the hell I’ve been so busy with. ¬†What’s worked. What hasn’t worked. ¬†And what’s next. ¬†New Year’s is one obvious time¬†for this reflection exercise.

2014 was…interesting. ¬†There were lots of changes with Snoloha…too many to get into here. ¬†We lost ‘the coolest dude I ever met‘, and I still miss him every single day. ¬†Banana continues to grow like a weed and makes me laugh every single day. I’ve been more involved in the sailing world. ¬†And I’m involved again in the ski & snowboard world (for those that don’t know, I spent nearly all of my 20’s in this industry). ¬†Pretty good ‘worlds’ to be involved in. ¬†I like it that way.

Not to mention, I’m still not sitting in a cubicle, feeling like a pawn in someone else’s game of life. ¬†So that’s good. ¬†I hope to keep it that way.

What’s next?

My head spins when I try and tackle this question. ¬†The short answer is ‘a bunch of exciting things’,¬†including a¬†collaboration that I’m excited about with the one very talented individual. ¬†More on this later.

I’ve also learned that I need creative inspiration…and a creative outlet, in order to feel a sense of ‘career satisfaction’.

Savannah got a guitar for Christmas.  She likes to come into my office, pick up my guitar and hold it like a standup bass, requests one of our favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and proceeds to play and sing along as best that a 4 year old can.  So Santa decided she needed a guitar of her own.

Santa also¬†added Green Eggs and Ham to her Dr. Seuss collection. ¬†Daddy was happy with this. ¬†I can read these books every single night (Banana won’t let me though).

So right now Dr. Seuss and Savannah’s Christmas guitar are acting as creative inspiration. ¬†Where it will come from next, I don’t know. ¬†But I’m sure enjoying this phase.

And hey, my Obamacare kicks in in 2015! ¬†I’ll have access to affordable ‘mental health’ now and maybe a therapist can help me figure out what makes me tick…’cause I sure can’t figure it out. ¬†**Please note that this is neither a statement of support for Obamacare nor meant as a political message in any way whatsoever. ¬†It’s simply a statement of fact that my Affordable Care Act coverage will be kicking in. ¬†So don’t get all Fox News on me ūüôā ¬†And for the record, I like Fox News. ¬†And CNN. ¬†And MSNBC. ¬†And ESPN.¬†

I’m hoping to build SAILINGthruLIFE.com as a¬†sort of glimpse into¬†‘My World’ of Snoloha, Great Lakes Sailing Co., Boyne Country Sports and various other endeavors that I’m working on and that are rattling around in my head. ¬†Feel free to check it out.

If you’ve read all of this…you’re either my mom or my sister, or someone who actually gives a darn about Snoloha and all my ramblings over the years. ¬†So THANKS, for listening. ¬†Not sure why I need to see a shrink when I have all of you who listen for free!

Henry David Thoreau¬†said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” ¬†Don’t be one of those men (or women). ¬†Share that song with the world. ¬†2015 could be the year.




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