Mac McAnally wrote a song that Jimmy Buffett recorded called “It’s My Job”.  When Buffett asked him about it on stage, his response was “Take pride in what you do for a living…even if you have a job that sucks, ’cause that’s the quickest way to a job that sucks less.” 

I’m obsessed with human-beings and work.  Why we do what we do during our short time on this round ball.  Mostly, I’m obsessed with those who hate (or really, really, really dislike) what they do for a living, and why they do it…instead of making a change.

I know, I know, there are ALL kinds of reasons for not changing.  Some are probably sound, others are most likely just excuses.  Let’s assume you dread Mondays like you dread the dentist or the IRS.  Or you look forward to Friday’s at 5:00 like you’re a kid on Christmas Eve.  If that’s the case, imagine changing direction.  Sure, maybe a new job would still suck eventually (after all, it is a job), but what if it didn’t suck as much as your current situation?!  A job that sucks less, is better than a job that sucks.

Or, it could be as simple as changing the way you think, and simply taking pride in what you do, which is also a way to a job that sucks less.

Snoloha has allowed me to create a work environment that suits me and my lifestyle (I’m surrounded by driftwood signs, old skis, conch shells and a Billy Madison poster).  I’ve got my hands in a bunch of different projects.  Some I have complete control over, others I don’t.  It’s a nice balance.  Keeps me in check.

Could it all blow up in my face one day?  You bet.  But, I’ll take that any day over those Sunday evening blues as Monday draws near.

For me, it sucks less.




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