Since the launch of Snoloha there have been a handful of times when the ‘big boys’ have done something similar to what my concept is.  It’s a mixed bag of feelings when it happens.  Part of me finds it flattering that these multi-million dollar global brands are willing to put time and money into a similar concept.  It’s kind of a stamp of approval for Snoloha.  But then part of me gets frustrated with the ease to which they can afford to create and distribute.  What I wouldn’t give for that kind of audience size and resources.

Part of the lyrics from Disney’s FROZEN ‘In Summer’ video go:

Hot & cold are both so intense
Putting them together makes so much sense

I can honestly say that is the very first time I have ever heard those words from someone else…other than in my own head.

Disney’s FROZEN “In Summer”

Corona’s Find Your Beach Sand / Snow Commercial



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