I’ve suddenly found myself with a handful of snow globes around the house. ┬áThat’s what happens when you have kids.

Until you gently shake it, a snow globe is pretty boring. ┬áThere’s nothing happening. ┬áJust the status quo. ┬áNormalcy. ┬áComplacency.

But you shake it…and something happens. ┬áIt becomes interesting. ┬áThere’s a story. ┬áThere’s change.

And that simple little household dust collector made me think:

Sure, snow globes are fun to look at. ┬áBut if you are waiting for someone else to shake things up for you, get comfortable…life is not a snow globe. ┬áNo one else is going to make something happen for you. ┬á

You’ve gotta shake your own snow globe.

SnoMon globe




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