There’s snow on the ground here in Traverse City, Michigan. That means a number of things:

  • My back will soon begin to hurt from shoveling
  • It’s time to Build a SnoMon for the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. project
  • Christmas is on the horizon. Time to start shopping.
  • Time to dust off the snowboard and snowshoes
  • And I should probably get that sailboat covered and out of the driveway to make my wife happy…but that’ll make our driveway bigger, meaning more area to shovel, meaning a sorer back. So, on second thought…

I’ve got some cool new SnoMon inspired gear now available on the website to check out. I’m still working out the details on SnoMon wall art and hope to have this finalized in the coming days.

All of this SnoMon talk does lead to something much bigger that is in the initial planning stages. Pretty much 2014 will be dedicated to this next BIG step with the Snoloha brand…and it is WAY outside clothing. But not to worry, there will still be product available, it’ll complement what I’m working on.

And if all this sounds vague…well, it’s suppose to, silly.

That’s all folks.

Happy Snoloha Shopping.



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