Self-imposed deadlines that are not met and a new website not allowing you to purchase new products.  No, I’m not talking about Congress…I’m talking about ME!  And typing that comparison out for all to read…is kinda depressing.

But it’s true.  My original goal was to have new products, a new website and the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. project ready to go by the start of November.

We are close, though.  New products will be here soon, and the new website hinges on the new products, and the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. project hinges on the new products…it’s a domino effect sorta thing.

I’d say we are about 10 days or so away.

In the meantime, there are still $10 products available on the site.  There’s gotta be something there for someone you know, if not for yourself.   Go….look.

And another ‘in the meantime’, you can start ‘Building a SnoMon’ now.  Nope, you don’t have to depend on snow for your SnoMon…be creative!  Use a chalkboard, a whiteboard, paint, Play-Doh, styrofoam balls, sand, etc, etc.  For every SnoMon built and shared, $1 will go to the Snoloha Slush Fund to help support Jenna and her battle with cancer.

You don’t have to make a purchase to participate.  But once the new products are launched, those customers who do purchase can build & share a SnoMon and have $5 go to the Snoloha Slush Fund.

Please feel free to Spread the Snoloha Love.

To share your SnoMon — Post to Facebook or email me.  If you are the Twitter or Instagram type you can post there to.  And feel free to use the hashtag #SnoMon.




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