I’m working through some steps that I thought I’d share with you.

Beginning this weekend, the website will be undergoing some serious housekeeping.  I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s the deal:

By the end of the day Friday, there will be a handful of products, including the Zip Hoodies for $28 that you get a FREE t-shirt with purchase, that are coming off the site.  At that point, everything left on the site will be priced to find a new home.  Everything’s gotta go.  I’m tired of staring at it…and it staring back, mocking me.

This sale will run through October.

At the end of October, whatever is left is coming off the site for good.  For reals.

Then what, you ask?

November will bring with it a very select edition of Snoloha gear for the Holiday and Winter season.

And then?   2014 is shaping up to be…daunting.  This ‘little’ concept of mine that I’m trying to figure out will hopefully be put into place by then.  Either that, or I’ll be put into a place…a mental one.

Speaking of Step by Step…go ahead, you know you want to watch it!



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