Don’t call him a ‘mascot’, he doesn’t appreciate being called that.  You can call him ‘the voice’ of Snoloha, he will accept that.  But really, he prefers to just be called ‘SnoMon’.

When asked to describe SnoMon, you’ll hear something like this — He’s comfortable in his own snow.  Care-free, laid-back and happy-go-lucky.  He’s got an adventurous curiosity about him, he’s easily amused, and has a chameleon like ability to adapt to any situation…always cool, calm and collected.

But to really get to know the Mon himself, we had to interview him.

Q:  Who is your role model?
A:  I am Mon enough to admin it…I have a, a Mon-Crush on Al Roker.  A jolly, slightly over-fluffy happy-go-lucky weatherman! I mean I am a bit obsessed with weather myself.  I love Al.  He makes millions laugh each morning with his quick wit and funny banter with Matt lauer.

Q:  Is it true that you have a crush on Shania Twain?
A:  Yea, I have the biggest crush on Shania Twain.  I’d do anything to meet her.  Why, do you know her?!

Q:  What’s this rift we heard about between you and Frosty?
A:  There’s no real rift, Frosty and I are cool.  It’s mostly made up by the media.  I mean, sure, I’m a little envious of  Frosty’s success and celebrity status.  I know this is how he was able to met Shania Twain.  I know this because he rubs it in may face.  I don’t think he even knew who she was!   I mean come on, he can only live in the cold!  What’s up with that?!  It’s mostly in good fun though.  I don’t really have a mean bone in my body…heck I don’t have any bones in my body.

Q:  Do you have any fears?
A:  I don’t know if I’d call it a fear, but cubicles make me nervous.  I’ve never actually been in one, but I’ve heard horror stories about them.  Office buildings, and people in suits, in general, make me nervous.

I’m also very cautious around dogs.  I want to like them…but they are always trying to ‘mark’ me.  I’ve been marked and pee’d on before…it’s not cool.

Q:  Who will we usually find you listening to on your music player?  Who is your favorite musician?
A:  At any given time, you’ll hear a pretty diverse set of tunes.  If I look at my playlist now, you’ll see Van Morrison, Sam Cooke and Beatles, followed up by some Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, Lionel Richie, Johnny Cash and Beastie Boys mixed in with Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews.  So I’m all over the map with what I listen to. When it comes to an absolute favorite…I can never get enough Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley.  But if I’m pressed to decide…I’d probably go with Brian Setzer, that’s one cool cat.

Q:  So how do you make a living?
A:  I’m the spokesperson for Snoloha.  We’ve been working on this for sometime now, and we finally agreed on some basic terms.  It should be fun.  I’ll do appearances, interviews, be giving advice, writing, involved with merchandising and consulting and heavily involved with marketing…things like that.  I love it because I can just be myself.  That’s all I really know anyway.

Q:  Your best piece of advice?  Or motto you live by?
A:  That’s easy – Stay Cool.

Q:  What ‘makes you tick’?
A:  What makes me tick?  Well, there are a number of things, really.  But if you’re asking me what it is that keeps me going each day…it’s knowing that I’m inspiring others, making them laugh, helping them escape and forget about the realities of everyday life once in a while.  That’s what really makes me tick.  I’m just being me…just being SnoMon.  And for some reason people seem to identify with me.  I like that.

Oh, the other thing that makes me tick is Shania Twain.




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