One of the things that I love most about this brand is that is allows me to daydream.  And most of the time I don’t even realize that’s what I’m doing.

A good friend of mine, during one of our many business conversations over cold ones (which is typically when everything gets figured out…at least temporarily), asked me, with the full knowledge of my goal to emulate what Jimmy Buffett has done with his Margaritaville brand, this question – “so what are you chasing?”.

I looked at him, puzzled.  Not from the Corona, but because I was trying to figure out where he was going with this.

I responded, “what do you mean?”  To which he answered for me “You are chasing Margaritaville, right?”  OK…yes, I am.  Not Margaritaville exactly, but what it has become.

He followed it up with “and what is Margaritaville?”  To which I had a very quick answer to such an easy question, “It’s a state of mind.  A place that isn’t real, but is whatever a person wants it to be.”

“So you are chasing something that doesn’t exist.”, he stated.

Sh!t.  I am.  I am chasing something that doesn’t exist.  Sounds impossible.

And that’s exactly what I love about this brand.  It’s been created from scratch.  From what’s in my head.  From my daydreams.  It doesn’t truly exist in a physical sense, and that is what makes the connection to the brand so powerful.

It’s been reported recently that boredom (in moderation) is good.  Boredom leads to daydreaming which leads to creativity.

So g’head…be bored.  Daydream.



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