For any regular blog readers, you know I’ve gone back-and-forth with the idea of a Snoloha retail store.  I still think it’s a good idea (most of the time)…with the right location.  But therein lies the problem.  Location.  Most retailers in this area find their home on Front St. in downtown Traverse City.  And while I love downtown and Front St., it is simply not the right spot for a Snoloha store.  In fact, a Snoloha store is not exactly what I envision anymore.  It’s more of a ‘Snoloha Experience’.

But this idea includes elements that I don’t have experience in.  So I’ve got ‘some figuring out to do’.

It all goes back to a very simple reality…the entire Snoloha concept that is in my head has never actually been fully shared.  The website and retailers try, but it’ll never be as accurate until I can paint the picture that’s in my head.

The next step(s) are…daunting.  The first concept I’m developing is so far outside of anything I’ve done, but it excites the hell out of me.  And as with anything…it could flop.  But I won’t know unless I try.  And if I can complete it (even if I don’t feel it was successful) it will be one of those things that I’ll be proud of and able to tell my Banana about.

More details later…because I’m still working them out.


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