Life is hectic. ┬áThat’s why we all need escapism. ┬áThat’s why we need Snoloha.

On a chilly Wednesday afternoon as another busy day was ‘trying’ to wind down we managed to escape out of the marina and spend a little time flying sail on the Catalina 309 “Adele Lina” getting her ready for a charter this coming weekend.

It really was work related.  Really, it was.

Leaving land behind, raising (in this case unfurling) sails, and shutting off the diesel has this amazing calming ability that makes the ‘hecticness’ (new word) of the day simply fade away.

It’s been a long winter. ┬áAs much as I enjoy escaping to Boyne Mountain on my snowboard, or in the woods with some snowshoes…it’s time for sailing, stand up paddling and relaxing on the beach.

It’s time to get the “Snoloha” in the water and on her mooring ball…my favorite way to escape. ┬áJust sitting there, alone, on the mooring ball. ┬áTime on the water. ┬áSure, I love bringing the wife and little one along…but even they need a break from me once in a while.

I’ve been listening to this new Kenny Chesney album “Life on a Rock” and the song “Marley” is one of my early favorites…puts me right there aboard the “Snoloha”, alone:

“Sometimes my life takes more than I can give
That’s when I gotta go where no one’s around
But the silence and the sound
Of Three Little Birds for company
I got a sip of something strong
A 2nd hand Old Man and the Sea
Out here with me
Me & Marley.” – Kenny Chesney, Marley

We learned that someone from the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau snapped our photo and posted on their Facebook page (photo below).

Sailing West Bay



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