First Snoloha and Bay Breeze teamed up to launch Unsalted Sailing — Events and Merchandising.  In order to extend the Unsalted Sailing reach we decided to also launch the Unsalted Sailing ‘digital’ Magazine.  Yes, ‘digital’, as in for your tablet, mobile device, laptop and desktop.  We have no interest, nor do we have the capital necessary, for a print edition — that sounds painful.

Why are we doing this?  Because we either suffer from serial entrepreneurship…or we are buffoons.

It’s probably a mixture of the two, especially depending on who you ask.

The real answer is that it’s a way to focus on Great Lakes Sailing and promoting Unsalted Sailing.  And yes, it’s brought to you by Snoloha and Bay Breeze, so we hope to introduce folks to both our other companies as well.  Diabolical, I know.

So Snoloha is now in the publishing and media business (oh, it’s also in the consulting business, but that’s a different blog post).  We are anticipating the inaugural issue to hit digital newstands in late May.

The story of sailing the “Snoloha” last summer to Omena will make the issue.  It ended up being a pretty story…stressful, but a good story.




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