It’s true.  I’m a horrible business owner.


I don’t network (online social media excluded, which is a different conversation) and I rarely take advice.

I’d like to be better at both, but I’m not sure if I have any interest.  And that’s a horrible attitude, I know it is.  My doctor once said to me that I have a tremendous sense of self-realization…seriously, she said that.

I have no interest in business after hours shindigs, or attending meetups and tweetups or belonging to any clubs (I was a co-founder of the Traverse City Parrothead Club, but I have such an issue with having that kind of obligation that I couldn’t even belong to a club that I was the co-founder of…that’s messed up).  I always feel that if I have time for that…then I have time to spend with my wife & daughter or to go snowboarding, standup paddling or sailing.

Advice?  Forget about it.  The advice that has stung the most was “get out of my own way”…in order to dummy down the Snoloha brand and appeal to a bigger audience.  That has just ended up being more of a motivator.

I’m just not very good at either.

Sure, so there have been a few select individuals that I have accepted (and sought) advice from…and I have networked (barely).  But as my accountant pointed out to me last week “it’s on your own terms”.

Problems?  Yes, I have them.  Therapy?  Sure, I probably need it.  But then again…I consider getting lost in the woods, on the water or at the ski hill all alone therapy.  Or to put it another way – -Living on Snoloha Time, alone…and suddenly it becomes a “business expense”.

“If we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane.”



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