It’s the first day of Spring, and it continues to snow here in northern Michigan.

I think it’s great!  I know there are plenty of folks who want it to end, but I figure that since it’s still March it might as well be snowing.  This means there’s still time for a few more  snowboard trips to Boyne Mountain.

This extended snowfall is great for the ski hills, xc trails, snowshoe trails…and when it’s system snow it’s good for Great Lakes water levels.

Sure my back is ready for a break from shoveling, but I wouldn’t trade romping around in the snow with my daughter for anything.  It is pure escapism…moments of Living on Snoloha Time.   That laugh instantly erases any thought of what’s on my To Do list…whether it’s business related or boring ole household issues that need attention.

Cabin fever can be avoided by simply bundling up and leaving the great indoors.  Try it.

solo snopalm



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