‘Sno’.  Often times is gets overlooked for the ‘Loha’ part of Snoloha.  But the reality is, without it…there is no Snoloha.

This past weekend was pure snow-filled escapism.

First it was a backroad drive to Boyne Mountain that included a stop off at Seven Bridges Natural Area.  The Rapid River winded  through freshly fallen snow-covered pines with a sun-filled February blue sky above — unbelievably calming and tranquil.

Boyne Mountain was buzzing with skiers and snowboarders.  The conditions were excellent.  The lines moved briskly.  And the cold air was invigorating.

The weekend was topped off with play day in the yard with Savannah.  Snowballs, snow-angels, hide-and-seek and catching snowflakes on our tongue…I’m not sure who had more fun.  But I know it tired us out.

Snow.  It’s just as enjoyable and relaxing as the sand…you just have to get out there and soak it in.

Without it…there’s no Snoloha.

Boyne Mountain Winter Snow



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