The Volkswagon “Get In. Get Happy.” Super Bowl commercial is already getting all kinds of attention…mostly because it’s being labeled as ‘racist’ towards Jamaicans.  Although Wykeham McNeill, Jamaica’s minister of tourism and entertainment says, “We view it as a compliment” …”People should get into their inner Jamaica and get happy.”

First of all…people need to lighten up.  Have a laugh for crying out loud.

Second of all…the commercial is hilarious, and is the perfect Snoloha-esque type of commercial — a bunch of office-dwellers in their drab clothing and cubicle jail cells, complaining that its Monday…desperately needing an escape from the reality of everyday office life.

I’m not sure which line is my favorite:

“Sticky bun come soon.”

“Respect boss mon.”

“Wicked coffee Mr. Jim”

Take a look and decide for yourself.



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