Occasionally  I’ll say something like this to my wife “I think I need some ‘me time’ so maybe I’ll take a long weekend in the Caribbean”.  She usually follows up with “go ahead”.  I’m not sure if she wants to get rid of me, or if she’s just agreeing to shut me up because she’s use to me throwing crazy ideas out there.  One of these days I might call her bluff.

I mention this because Meeting of the Minds is underway in Key West, which means all the great Trop Rock bands have descended on the island for a few days of great music and good times.  I’d love to check it out…maybe next year I’ll see if the wife is still agreeable to my idea.

Speaking of Trop Rock and Meeting of the Minds…

So I’m a big fan of Swim Skinny and his latest double album / CD “Naked & Wet” (here’s my full review).  And ‘Swimmy’ has provided me with a stack of CD’s to spread the Swim Skinny love.

So here’s the deal, for a limited time:

Buy the new Raw & Weathered Zippie, the Rainbow Hoodie OR the Trop Rock T and get a FREE Swim Skinny CD (not all three…just one of the three).

That’s it.  Simple.  Buy any of these Snoloha items, and get the FREE CD.



2 Responses

  1. Does it work a few weeks retroactively? I just got the Rainbow hoodie for my daughter. BTW, she LOVES it, especially if that helps, LOL !

  2. For a loyal Snoloha, Unsalted Sailing AND Bay Breeze customer? Of course! I’ll send one your way…I think you’ll enjoy the tunes.

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