As I’ve mentioned before, when I had that office job from hell I relied on a photo of the Virgin Islands sitting on my desk to help me get through the day.

Times have changed, including no longer working at that job.  Now, when things get hectic and overwhelming, I still look at a photo on my desk, but it’s of my daughter, Savannah Jayne (aka ‘Banana’).  It puts me at ease, a smile on my face and a reminder of why I’m working towards what I’m working towards.

It’s still escapism for me.  As much as I love the Virgin Islands and sailing, these photos are a different kind of escapism.  Instead of escaping from the realities of everyday life now and then for a beach bar on Jost Van Dyke (which is always welcome), these photos are a reminder that ‘life is just a tire swing’ and that there’s someone in your life now who laughs hysterically when the tickle monster to show up, who loves to play hide-and-seek in the  yard, can’t get enough flying around the house like an airplane and that it’s OK to color outside of the lines.  She reminds me that there’s more to the day than branding, business and marketing.

I’ve gotta assume that you have your own escapism photos that you glance at throughout the day.  If not…you should.  It’s healthy.

If you do…I’d love to see them, along with the story.

Email ’em to me ( for a chance to win a Snoloha ‘SnoWorries’ t-shirt and the Swim Skinny CD (read my review here).



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