I’ve had my fair share of horrible jobs.  And I’ve had my share of story-worthy departures.  Ask me sometime about the ‘bathroom break’ I once took…I imagine George Costanza quitting a job the same way.

Before launching Snoloha, I had an office job that could have been the inspiration for ‘Office Space’.  It was pure hell.  I could feel myself dying from the inside out.  OK, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic…maybe not.

At one point my office was feng shuied.  I was told that it had bad vibes in it, and that my office door was attacking me because of the way it was positioned.  Yes, I am serious.  I was suppose to hang some crystals in the window, or something.  But I think the bad vibes over-powered the feng shui because it never happened.

The only thing that got me through each grueling day was a picture on my desk.  It was a photo of Maho Bay, St John USVI.  We had recently sailed there, and I snapped the photo while at anchor.  It is one of my favorite spots in the Virgin Islands.  I’d close my eyes and escape to Maho Bay.  And for a few seconds, everything seemed better.  It was those momentary daily mental escapes that helped me survive and avoid the slow zombie-like death fellow employees were suffering from.

While sitting here at my desk, I’m staring not at that photo of Maho Bay, but instead the shirt that was inspired from that photo and the concept to “Close your Eyes and Escape”.

Tell ya what…if you’d like to get your own “Close your Eyes and Escape” t-shirt…I throw in a Snoloha beanie for each one purchased.

Do you have your own “Maho Bay” photo on your desk, helping get you through another grueling day?  I’d love to see it.  Email it to me – rod [at] snoloha [dot] com, or post it on Facebook.  If we get enough…it just might be a fun contest to win some FREE Snoloha gear.


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