When we launched the Take Your Winter Gear to the Beach photo contest, I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction we’d get.  It is a lot to ask.

While I was working the Snoloha booth at the TC Waterman Expo a few weeks ago, I met Dan and Michelle.  They said they had taken their winter gear to the beach and had a ton of fun getting photos.  And that YES, people were looking at them strangely.

Well, they did not disappoint, and they are now the winners of the Snoloha, Boyne Country Sports and MiSkiReport prize package thanks to their creativity and efforts.

And just you both know, I’ll be incorporating these photos into Snoloha marketing!

And how else can a guy legitimately explain to his wife that he received via email a photo of a girl in her swimsuit, on the beach, with a pair of skis, smooching the camera!  It’s all for the business.  A tough job, I tell ya.


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