It’s HOT. Really HOT. And with air conditioning you could buy cool…but that’s not the kind I was referring to.

I had a really nice Snoloha style weekend. Time on the boat, time on the beach, time with my wife, daughter and dogs, some Stand Up Paddle Boarding, grillin’ fish tacos, napping in the hammock, riding bikes and playing in the kiddie pool. Yea, it was great, the perfect ‘hey look at me’ Facebook update.

Relaxing and Escaping.

As we sat on the boat yesterday watching boaters departing the marina (often in a big hurry to go straight ahead 2 miles and drop anchor for the day near the beach), my mind always begins to wander…and wonder.

There are some big, colorful and LOUD…obnoxiously loud, go-fast boats that suck down the fuel for a 2 minute joyride. It’s not my cup of tea, I get that. Heck I hate hockey and soccer, but some people love it….why, I don’t know, but I’m sure folks don’t understand why I enjoy sailing or constantly discussing business (I know my wife doesn’t understand that).

It all goes back to ‘the brand’, and how it’s evolved. Though it connects with folks in a variety of ways, it has become obvious that the majority of people think “Snoloha” and they think “RELAX”, “ESCAPE”…and for some flying across West Bay on a Miami Vice boat is probably relaxing…so that’s cool.

But I also got to thinking about the other ‘cool’ factor. The ‘hey look at me’ cool factor. The “I have a bigger, faster and louder boat than you” — “I have a SUP, and I bet you don’t even know what SUP stands for” — “I use the same golf clubs that Tiger Woods uses” (I don’t golf anymore, so I have no idea what clubs or players are actually cool these days) — “I have an iPad 4…and it’s not even built yet, but I have one.” — “I only eat all natural organic food” — “Did you know I maxed out the number of Facebook friends you are allowed to have?!”

This list could go on and on. I use to see it all the time when I worked in the ski, snowboard and golf industry. The ‘cool’ factor. The “it’s not how well you play (or ski / ride), but how good you look” attitude.

Maybe it’s age…but I love being ‘uncool’. Yes, I do have a stand up paddle board (SUP)…because I enjoy floating on the water and a good exercise, not because of some weird cool factor (plus a retailer used it as payment for their Snoloha gear).

Snoloha is not cool. Snoloha is…Snoloha.

There’s a great Kid Rock & Zac Brown Band song called “Flyin High”. I dig these lyrics:

You know I’ve traveled on yachts thru the south of France
Think I even got a pair of Versace pants
But all that makes me feel is like a fool
Cuz a pontoon boat, and a bottle of Beam
A couple good friends, and some cut off jeans
Has made us realize, you can’t buy cool

You can’t buy cool.



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